Vertical Door Sander

For Sealer Sanding on a Hanging Door Line. The Vertical Buffing Machine is designed to sand both sides of doors on a hanging conveyor line.

Specifications are as follows:

Machine will have (4) Vertical Spindles, two opposed, for sealer sanding both sides of door in one pass
Spindles are operated in pairs, divided into a “front,” or entrance pair, and a “back,” or exit pair
Each Spindle will operate independently, with variable speed and reverse capability.
Spindle RPM: 0-1500
(4) 5-HP 220/440 Inverter Rated Baldor Motors
(4) 5-HP Sensorless Vector Drives
(4) _ HP Indexing Motors
(4) _ HP Sensorless Vector Drives
Adjustable UHMW In-Feed Guide
Adjustable Polyurethane Rollers for guiding and stability of door through machine
Spindles are designed to use "fladder style" abrasives. (Abrasives Not Included.)
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


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