Vacuum Coater for Waterborne Coatings
WBVAC 6-2-100

Vacuum Coaters are used for the application of waterborne coatings on wood, metal and other substrates that have a uniform cross section. The coating is applied to all or selected surfaces at the same time while passing through the application chamber at 100% transfer efficiency. The coating thickness applied is controlled through vacuum pressure, line speed and tolerance of the profile gate opening. Operator controls are kept to a minimum and located in a convenient cabinet for ease of operation.

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Specifications include:
Construction   Stainless Steel
Pass Line Height (with +/- 1” adjustment)   36”
Reservoir Capacity (maximum)   10 Gallons
Reservoir Capacity (minimum)   3 Gallons
Operating Line Speeds   up to 100 FPM
Substrate Width (maximum)   5.5”
Substrate Height (maximum)   1.5”
Substrate Length (minimum)   24”
Substrate Girth (maximum)   13”
Acoustic Level   84 dBA
Vacuum producer   7.5 hp
Operator Controls   Attached Cabinet
Powered Infeed Pinch Roller Assembly   Standard
Variable Speed Control   Control Cabinet
Fluid Filter   Integrated
Air Requirements   5 cfm @ 100 psi
Electrical Requirements:
480 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz
(other voltages available)
  30 amp max
Shipping Weight (approx.)   7.5 hp
MADE IN THE U.S.A.   800 lbs.
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

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