LSP 2600 “UV” Series
Automatic Sprayer/Finisher
for UV Coatings

The Automatic Sprayer/Finisher is designed for lineal spraying and finishing of flat or profiled lengths up to 12” wide. Common applications include architectural millwork and trim, picture frame mouldings, furniture, and cabinet parts.

The American Finishing Systems, Inc. UV Sprayer coats both long and short pieces before they enter the U-V curing tunnel. When the substrate is fed through the machine, the spray guns are automatically triggered and will continue to spray as long as the stock is being fed through the machine. The spray guns will cut off immediately after each piece completes its pass. A special overspray collection tray and exhaust chamber allow captured materials to be recycled. Becoming increasingly popular, U-V coatings satisfy the strictest EPA emissions regulations including California Rule 1136.

Specifications include:

6” or 12” Wide Capacity Models Standard
Automatic Air Assisted Airless Spray guns
Additional Spray Application Systems available
High volume bladder pump
Stainless Steel Heater
Fluid regulator, fluid filter, oil and water extractor, atomization regulator
Explosion proof motors and switches
Built-in exhaust fan with non-sparking blade
Stainless Steel Exhaust Chamber
Overspray recovery chamber
In-Line spray booth filter
Variable Speed: 0-300 FPM
220 volt AC /Three Phase
Shipped assembled, pre-tested. Only requires electrical hook-up, air line and 18” exhaust stack installation by customer.
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


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