LFN 4000 Series
Lineal Profile Sander/Polisher

The Lineal Profile Sander/Polisher is designed to perform a wide variety of surface treatments on mouldings, slats, wood, or plastic parts, with virtually no change to the moulded profile. Typical uses include: sealer sanding, base coat sanding, de-nibbing, or polishing between coats, as well as high gloss polishing, and buffing. It can also be used for bare wood sanding to improve finishing. In some situations, it can remove knife marks, but it is not specifically designed, or guaranteed to remove them.

Specifications include:

6” and 12” wide capacity, standard
4-5-6 sanding stations
Top heads with 30 degree tilt, electronic variable speed w/reverse factory range 0-3400 RPM)
Side heads, Electronic variable speed w/reverse (factory range 0-3400 RPM)
Pass-thru heads, No tilt, for top and
bottom sanding
Sanding Spindles
1-1/4” O.D., heat Treated, stress- relieved steel.
Non-threaded for quick changeover of abrasives
Precise vernier screw type adjustments of sanding heads
Powered roller thru-feed workbed
Variable Speed control
Factory range 0-300 FPM
Fixed Roller Guide Back Fence
Adjustable Roller Guide Front Fence
Top Pressure Hold-Down units
Abrasive Wheels Not Included
2-HP Vector Drives
220 volt AC / Three Phase
Heavy Duty, all steel construction
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


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