Seven Strand Single Level
Red-Belt Conveyor
14’ wide x 60’ long
with 90° Transfer Conveyor

The Single Level Belt Conveyor, with 90° Transfer consists of (1) Seven Strand, Single Level Red Belt Conveyor, and (1) 90° “Pop-up” Transfer conveyor.
The Belt Conveyor is spaced to handle parts from 36” to 16’ long. Certain profiles that are prone to tipping will need assistance during the transfer process. The Transfer Conveyor consists of powered conveyor rollers, with pop-up transfer belts, 90° to the Belt Conveyor.

Specifications include:

Belt conveyor to be (7) strands, over 14’ width, staggered to handle parts from 36” to 16’ long. Overall dimensions: 14’ wide x 60’ long
Each strand is made from 10’ sections of unistrut guide rail with UHMW belt guide
Powertwist Belt for each strand.
Rollers and Transfer Belts use high speed bearings
Rollers, Transfer Belts, and Belt conveyor are each variable speed, with separate controls.
Conveying Belt: 3-HP Motor / 3-HP Variable Speed Drive 1-15 FPM. Can be increased by program change on drive.
Rollers: Variable Speed, 0-300 FPM
Transfer Belts: Variable Speed, 0-50 FPM
Transfer Conveying Width is 12”
Electronic Photo Eye for Transfer Belt, with adjustable timers for both on and
off delay
Push-Pull E-Stop on Control Panel and end of Conveyor
Electrical Service and Disconnect provided by Customer
220 volt AC / Three Phase
Heavy Duty, all steel construction
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


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